What to check when you hire any iPhone Application Development Company

When you are coming to hire an iPhone Application Development Company, or an Android Application Development Company. You are probably a little bit hesitant. If you have a good financial back behind you, you can easily contact one of the biggest companies that operate globally and locally and have hundreds of developers. Although this doesn’t always guarantee quality or successful ending to your project, it eases the doubts about a company’s reputation and integrity. But what if you don’t have a bug budget, and all you have is a small money you are about to invest out of your own pocket?
This is where the smaller iPhone application Development Company or Android application development company come into the picture. Although some of them are quite reputable, there are cetainly some companies that you are better off not contacting at all. Some of these “companies” are nothing but an unqualified person claiming to be an experienced company sitting somewhere in the globe and about to waste your time and money.

So how do you minimise this risk?

These simple steps when you come to check the iPhone application development company or Android application development company’s should help you minimise the risk of working with companies for the first time.

  • Check that you are working with a registered company. The registration number should normally appears on the Contact page of the website.
  • Check the company’s portfolio. This is crucial! Check that the links that show on the Portfolio are active and working.
  • Check the Contact page, to see that the email and telephone number are valid. Give them a call! and also, check that there is an actual postal address on the website too.
  • Check the company’s social media activity Facebook,Twitter,Google+ pages , this should give you a good indication is this company is valid too. Check if the pages are active, if the company comments and updates their pages.
  • Google the company. Literally check their online reputation. If a company’s name appears on the first page in many occurrences and shows as an authority site this should give you a good indication that the company is valid.


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is Mobile App Developer the profession of the future?

When coming to think of a profession to learn and that will be in demand in the future, it is fairly obvious to say that deciding to focus your efforts on learning Mobile Development Programming language such as Java, Objective-C, or .NET (Visual C++)  as  will probably be worth the efforts and will be in constant demand.

According to Linkedin the most in demand jobs are currently offered by the Web,Android and iPhone application development company. In the past year job offers in tech industry indicated a special demand for Mobile Development Apps. This position was only topped by the social media profession.  This trend is clear to continue in the future. So if you are considering a career change or learning a new skill, this is the skill to learn. Just look at how many iPhone application development company and Android application development companies are out there.


Mobile Apps Developers enjoy a wide range of free online tutorials and courses.  Even if you don’t have the capital to enroll to expensive universities to get a degree, an online course can provide a lot of the information needed to get you started on Developing a Mobile App.

At iQDesk iPhone Application Development Company , we strongly believe that the best skill for any iPhone or Android Development is the experience a developer has and their acquired knowledge.

Developing Native Apps  is superior to developing web apps. A Native iPhone or a Native Android Apps can utilise  all of the device functions and are accessed through icons on the device home screen. You install the Native App through the App store (such as Google Play or Apple’s App Store). The Native Apps are developed specifically for one platform such as  Android device or an iPhone device and  are fully compatible with the device. A Native App Developer can design the app to use the iPhone or the Android full list of features such as the GPS,camera,contact list and so on.

Native developers are in such demand nowadays there is an actual global shortage in experienced Native Mobile Apps Developers.

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Software and app developers, why are they such in need?

Have you ever wondered why there was such a demand in the recent decade for software developers especially ones who are experts in tailor made business software?
Many Apps and Web Application Development Companies are topping the charts of in demand businesses. If you check any iPhone application development company or Android application development company, you will see many of them suggesting that they are overloaded with projects. The world has already taken a turn towards new technology and there is no way back.

Read our blog here and check out one of the hottest in demand products that is highly sought after in the market of today.

reshape future

You are welcome to check some of the latest apps we developed at iQDesk iPhone Application Development Company portfolio

iPhone Syncing Tips from iQDesk iPhone Application Development Company

Ever worried that while syncing your iPhone with your computer that an interruption may occur? An interruption such as a phone call can disrupt your syncing process.

This is a real possibility and that’s why the best option while syncing your phone is to put the phone in Airplane Mode. This will temporarily sever connections rendering your iPhone unable to receive calls, texts, emails, upgrades, etc. Once complete, turn your connections back on and continue happily ever after.

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Saving an Image in Safari Tip from iQDesk iPhone Application Development Company

Come across a picture in Safari that you can’t live without? Wondering how you can save this glorious picture to your iPhone?

Using your finger, press on the picture for a few seconds until you are presented with an option to Save Image. Simply save the picture and use it later as a background image or in an email to a friend.


You are welcome to check some of the latest apps we developed at iQDesk iPhone Application Development Company portfolio