What is the hottest trend in Mobile Application Development?

As there are more and more iPhone and Android developers, there is obviously a bigger pool of talent out there to develop amazing things.
So what is the hottest trend at the moment? As an iPhone application development company ourselves, we can clearly say that the hottest demand and trend at the moment is developing an app to connect to another device. We have just had a request from a client for an app to operate and control their own factory machines. There are now in the market apps that operate tv’s, smoke detectors,washing machines. As an App Development Company we can clearly say that this is in fact a hot trend that we predict will go strong in 2014.

We can also see that whilst the market is still heavily dominated by the iPhone App Development and the Android App Development, we see that other OS’s are coming strongly into the market. We believe that OS’s such as FireFox and Ubuntu, will be more notified and get more market exposure.


Clients demand for apps this year has definitely exceeded the demand for Web Development, we can see that there is a clear shift towards Mobile Apps Development. People keep asking for Apps to help them run their work and daily chores, but more interestingly, their devices and machines.