The first iPhone Applications Development Companies since 2008

We have been developing iPhone applications pretty much since the beginning. In 2008 we have been between the first few software companies who started experimenting with iPhone Apps development and our main competitors came mainly from the US and there was almost nothing from the other sides of the world. It was definitely the time where companies tried to figure out the new technology and check the capacity of it. A few years into the first iPhone launched by Apple, there were still very few companies which adapted quickly to the new player in the development market.

the first iphone

As an iPhone and Mobile Apps Development Company, we have seen a massive change in trend in late 2011 well into 2012. Web applications companies, were quickly adding the title of iPhone Apps Developers to their info pages and boasting with their apps newly uploaded to App Store. It was a new playground for all of us.
New off shore iPhone Development Companies have been spreading like mushrooms after the rain and the app store has been bombarded with new apps.
The main driver behind the shift were the clients who eagerly adopted the iPhones and became highly innovative with new ideas for iPhone Apps.

Then a new player came into the market, the Android. This new player forced all the newly founded Mobile Applications Development Companies to adapt a completely new technology to keep up with the Android Application Development trend. The demand for Android Apps is increasing, but we can see that the iPhone Application Development is still ruling and dominating the market. We believe that the reason for this lies here Why is there still a higher demand for iPhone Development than the Android Development