Latest iPhone and Android Apps development by our company

We must admit, we are just blown away by the initiative of regular people. The App development world, has unmasked in our opinion the creativity of everyday people. Many of our clients have regular day jobs, but still are coming up with amazing new ideas that generate the most beautiful and creative Apps. We decided to share with you two of our latest iPhone and Android Apps we have just recently uploaded.

Premier League Predictor Android Application

This is currently supporting Android devices and soon a fully interactive website is to follow.
This App gives you the option to select future scores for the premier league games, and the nice thing is that you get to see the “crowd’s” prediction as well, which gives you a better picture of what the public thinks the scores will be.



This is the link for the App


Premier League Predictor website 

This is also a matching website that corresponds with this App

You can check your very own <a href=””>prediction table</a>, The current table,<a href=””>Top 20 users</a>,

The beauty of this app is that it also lets you see what the others thought the results were going to be, we call it <a href=””>”Feel the Crowd”</a>. This as we all know, is a very valuable piece of information.

We believe these two are going to be a massive hit this coming summer, so make sure to tune in !



CT- APP iPhone App

A new way to chat with friends, family and business colleagues! Just slide and send.
Free Messaging app with a new concept of chatting. Not only text, photos,audio tracks and videos but also drawing! Draw a picture and send it to the world.


This is the link for the App

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