Adhears – Companies’ survey centre catering for multiple brands with Social Media registration and member login

You and the brands you love. As we continue to grow, the Adhears ecosystem grows, and in turn, benefits you with more opportunities to win greater rewards for that same, simple click.

About the site:

Adhears is a unique website application that serves as company’s survey centres. The admin sends targeted questions from various brands for registered users of the website. In return the users can get rewards for filling out the surveys. The website features super fast registration via Facebook or twitter, or via the manual registration form.

Website design is cool,young and modern and in line with the company’, logo and colors.

The Backend system features:

A system that allows the admin to load surveys per brands;

Users’ management system;

Contact Management system;

Tracking system for users survey history.

Website control;


The challenge:

1. Create a fully integrated system with Facebook and Twitter.

2.Create a client real-time survey and survey results to act as a viable market research tool for the companies.

The solution:

2. We designed a quick register tool by using Facebook and Twitter apps

2.We developed specific WordPress plug-ins to connect the backend survey management system to the front-end resulting in real-time results for the companies.


Core PHP

Coding is cross platform and Search engine optimized.

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