AuditHunters – Dynamic audit survey generation web application and mobile app for Miners Company in Australia that allows company admin members to create complex audit pages from the back-end.

About the site:
Web application with complex backend system for documents generation.
1. Web-based application with drag-n-drop feature that lets companies create dynamic audit survey for Miners Company in Australia.
2. The site is connected to mobile application so the end users can use and submit the audit forms.
3. The design of the website is business like, and in line with the company’s mobile apps, logo and colors.
4. The extensive Backend system features:
5. Creation of specific documents (score based survey with weighted questions) for admin members;
Users’ management system;
Website control;

The challenges:
1. Allow a highly complex score based reports to be generated from the back-end by admin members. The challenge was to allow creation of complex score based documents with multi weighted questions.
2. Create a system that will work on any mobile platform or web browser.
3. Create a system that will work in remote areas without internet access.

The solutions:
1. We created a Templates database for the documents with a drag ‘n’drop feature that will allow easy updates for the admin members.
2. Using Sencha touch technology we created one system that works both on iPhone OS and Android OS.
3. We decided to Store info on local device and when internet connection is detected the stored information is uploaded.

Sencha touch, PHP with Zend framework (MVC structure) & MySQL.
Coding is cross platform and Search engine optimized.

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