China Dimaond Exchange

China Diamonds Exchange- Dynamic b2b portal with social features for the diamonds industry

About the site:
B2B platform that aims to connect sellers from the west with buyers in China.
1. The website is build as a dynamic portal that allows integration between multi-region users. Sellers can upload automatically (using ftp) their diamonds stock to the website on an hourly basis and buyers can buy them directly. Both sellers and buyers can interact using technically embedded translation to allow immediate and flowing interaction between users. The site features a ‘wall’ where the users of the diamonds community post statuses and updates and comment interactively.
2. The sites features a powerful search tool that was designed to find a specific diamond in a large database of over 5 million items.
3. The design of the site is minimalist and clean.
4. The site also features a news system to keep the users up to date with the latest industry news.
5. The site is built as a language based portals according to user’s preferences.
6. The extensive Backend system features:
7. Content management system;
Users management system;
Newsletters creation system;
Invitation sending system;
Website control.

The challenges:
1. Create an extensive search engine than can search the right diamond from a database of over 5 millions diamonds.
2. Create a platform to connect between two separate parts of the world.
3. Build a well known global b2b diamond exchange that will be both a social and business hub for the diamond industry businessmen.
4. Bridge between cultural differences such as language (Mainly Chinese and English) and create ‘on the fly’ translation for the users, to allow immediate interaction on the platform.
5. Introduce a new idea to the market, a new b2b hub which is also social, user friendly, and a place to do serious business as well.

The solutions:
1. Create several indexes for each diamond using Ajax technology to make the search engine fast.
2. We created a Multilanguage user friendly platform and interface to allow anyone to use the website easily. All languages display the same information and use.
3. We decided to build a ‘wall’ which will be a prominent feature in the site. The ‘wall’ allows for quick , easy and open conversations between buyers and sellers, in a friendly way. There is also a possibility to comment on other user’s feedback. We also incorporated a newsletter system and invitation management to allow for even further communication.
1. There is News system to keep all users updated about the latest industry news.
2. The idea was to build a social and well as a business platform for the users and to connect between them in a less formal way.
3. As many users come from China we had to solve the problem to immediate communication between the users. We came up with ‘on the fly’ translation system, that uses ‘Bing API’ to translate immediately every post on the website.
4. Historically, the diamonds industry was a closed community to do business that heavily relied on personal connections. The idea was to open this community to the outside world and especially to introduce the Chinese Diamond industry to the global business.

The site is built using core php & MySQL to ensure the best security and performance. We use jQuery for Ajax and graphics effects. Coding is cross platform and Search engine optimized.

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