IVFAgent – Fertility clinic services websites with an extensive search engine, fertility calculators and Facebook app.


About the site:

Fertility clinic’s website with option to run an extensive search both direct and general from the frontend , with a contact form, members login and calculators with a Facebook app.

1.The complex backend system written in Core PHP features a search that enables criteria based search according to actionable tick boxes, or drop down tables. i.e. Search for a donor or a specialist.

2.There are also fertility calculators and predictors calculated at the backend of the system with SMS and Email reminders.

3.The frontend features an option to register on the website as a member with a an option to rate the clinic on the homepage.

4.Facebook App that is connected to the website database.

5. website is business like, and in line with the company’, logo and colors.

6.The extensive Backend system features:

Creation of specific search results according with the user’s input( selection of tick boxes and drop down tables);

members login with restricted views;

Calculators with SMS and Email reminders.

Users’ management system;

Contact Management system

Website control;


The challenge:

Create a relatively complex backend system with WordPress

The solution:

Wedeveloped specific WordPress plug-ins to connect the backend system with WordPress


Core PHP MySQL. Coding is cross platform and Search engine optimized.

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