Success Flow

Success Flow – Marketing company WordPress website with a lead system driven by contact form and Marketing Assessment Tool.

About the site:

Marketing company’s website with option to download information from the frontend , with a contact form that links to company’s CRM and operates as a lead system.

1.The complex backend system written in EXT JS also features an Assessment tool for users which delivers immediate results calculated in the backend.

2.There are also social connects to Facebook,Titter and Linkedin with Live Twitter feeds.

3.The frontend features an option to download information and fill out a contact form. The contact form is linked to the company’s CRM system which uses the information as a lead system.

7. The design of the website is business like, and in line with the company’s mobile apps, logo and colors.

8. The extensive Backend system features:

Creation of specific results according with the user’s input (score based survey with weighted questions);

members login with restricted views.

Linking a frontend form input with an internal CRM system that is used as a lead.

Users’ management system;

Website control;


The challenge:

4. Create an Assessment tool that will enable immediate results based on a score survey with weighted questions.

The solution:

4. We created a Templates database for the document coded in EXT JS.



Coding is cross platform and Search engine optimized.

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