Yarin Shahaf

YARIN SHAHAF- Conversion of entire website to WordPress


About the site:

Yarin Shahaf company is the leading Make-Up Art school in Israel. The school also offers courses in Styling and various workshops.
The website is extremely content rich with numerous articles, tips, busy galleries and videos.
The client requested to convert the entire website to WordPress.

The Backend system features:

A system that allows the admin to upload various content such as video , articles, news and posts which is connected to the company’s CRM system.

The challenge:

To convert a content and feature rich website into WordPress. The website originally had many complex templates that were connected to a CRM system and needed quality conversion.

The solution:

We designed and wrote multiple WordPress plug-ins to support the various templates and connect them with the existing CRM system.


Coding is cross platform and Search engine optimized.

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