Our most recent Mobile Apps development work

Hi all,

We are very busy developing more and more beautiful and practical mobile (iphone , android ) Apps for our clients.

This is the latest pick of our most recent work


Social meeting iPhone App- Meet-U

This app is a social app and is intended at meeting new people with common interests  in your vicinity






Spontaneous Meetings Platform!

MeetU is a friendly global social platform, based on users common “Interest” and radius

Users can create meetings out of the “interest” list or ask to join meetings created by others


Sound Recording and Counting Mobile App- Tefen


This app is a sound recording and counting app for one of our clients who required sound recording of tapping of factory pumps and counting of the number of sounds.





All calculation by simple touchClickRite, Tefen’s new advanced voice activated application, is a perfect
substitute for manual calculations. ClickRite measures the pump
pulses for both inline and bypass installations and easily presents
the accurate flow rate, dose rate and the exact additive amount.* FREE App
* Precise Dosage rate
* Accurate flow rate
* Exact additive amount
* Easily calculates and presents


Please check our Portfolio for more updates and latest works

What is a Global iPhone and Android Development Company

iPhone Development Companies have the huge benefit of selling a virtual product. A Web or an App don’t need to be carried or shipped . As it is not a physical goods, most interaction can be done and delivered online. If you run a quick search on Google, you will see that many iPhone application development companies, work on an off-shore or global basis. This basically means that there is no need to be physically in the same geographic location as the company you wish to work with. This is a great thing for customers and also for development companies. The client base is not limited to your own surroundings and as a client you can choose to work with the company you are most impressed with and not the one that is closest to you.

The world has changed a lot and with it people’s perception on how to conduct and do business. There is a global shift towards hiring and working with people from all over the world. Customers are no longer reluctant of hiring a company a 1000 kilometers a way.

iqdesk global

iqdesk global

As a development company ourselves, we are happy to be part of this major global change and we cater for customers from all over the world.
We also recommend anyone to see how their business can go global and join the growing trend of globalisation.

Most of our clients are based overseas, we are currently running projects with clients who reside in Australia, US, India which is a major player in the global technology trend, Netherlands, Israel, UK, Brazil and so on. The fact and the nature of our work, made it much easier to be a truly global iPhone and Android Development Company.

Interesting analysis for every iPhone Development Company

We were keen to know whether our hunch analysis regarding who were the main people who search for iPhone Application Development Company were. Judging by our client base we were able to take and educated guess that:

1. The vast majority of our website surfers were male.

2.Age range was 25-35.

3.Location is mainly from English speaking countries topped by the US.

4.Main interests were technology and sports.


By using web analysis tools we were able to track our audience demographics, some of our assumptions proved accurate and some were quite surprising.


Let’s check out first assumption.

1. The vast majority of our website surfers were male

The result!



We were quite surprised actually, to see that although the males still dominate the application development market clients, females were not that far behind.  We would like to encourage women to endeavor into the apps development world too! So girls, start calling, we would love to hear your ideas too.


2.Age range was 25-35

the result!



We were right!


3.Location is mainly from English speaking countries topped by the US

The result!


We were surprised ! Israel mostly known as the high-tech hub came first.


4.Main interests were technology and sports

The result!



No big surprise there…

You can check some of the latest apps we developed to see what people are after.


Our conclusion from this quick check, was that although your existing client base gives you quite a good indication about your target markets, there are some new ideas,locations, and audience that are watching you.

The world of Mobile App Development, spans wide :)