Our most recent Mobile Apps development work

Hi all,

We are very busy developing more and more beautiful and practical mobile (iphone , android ) Apps for our clients.

This is the latest pick of our most recent work


Social meeting iPhone App- Meet-U

This app is a social app and is intended at meeting new people with common interests  in your vicinity






Spontaneous Meetings Platform!

MeetU is a friendly global social platform, based on users common “Interest” and radius

Users can create meetings out of the “interest” list or ask to join meetings created by others


Sound Recording and Counting Mobile App- Tefen


This app is a sound recording and counting app for one of our clients who required sound recording of tapping of factory pumps and counting of the number of sounds.





All calculation by simple touchClickRite, Tefen’s new advanced voice activated application, is a perfect
substitute for manual calculations. ClickRite measures the pump
pulses for both inline and bypass installations and easily presents
the accurate flow rate, dose rate and the exact additive amount.* FREE App
* Precise Dosage rate
* Accurate flow rate
* Exact additive amount
* Easily calculates and presents


Please check our Portfolio for more updates and latest works