Interesting analysis for every iPhone Development Company

We were keen to know whether our hunch analysis regarding who were the main people who search for iPhone Application Development Company were. Judging by our client base we were able to take and educated guess that:

1. The vast majority of our website surfers were male.

2.Age range was 25-35.

3.Location is mainly from English speaking countries topped by the US.

4.Main interests were technology and sports.


By using web analysis tools we were able to track our audience demographics, some of our assumptions proved accurate and some were quite surprising.


Let’s check out first assumption.

1. The vast majority of our website surfers were male

The result!



We were quite surprised actually, to see that although the males still dominate the application development market clients, females were not that far behind.  We would like to encourage women to endeavor into the apps development world too! So girls, start calling, we would love to hear your ideas too.


2.Age range was 25-35

the result!



We were right!


3.Location is mainly from English speaking countries topped by the US

The result!


We were surprised ! Israel mostly known as the high-tech hub came first.


4.Main interests were technology and sports

The result!



No big surprise there…

You can check some of the latest apps we developed to see what people are after.


Our conclusion from this quick check, was that although your existing client base gives you quite a good indication about your target markets, there are some new ideas,locations, and audience that are watching you.

The world of Mobile App Development, spans wide :)

Latest iPhone and Android Apps development by our company

We must admit, we are just blown away by the initiative of regular people. The App development world, has unmasked in our opinion the creativity of everyday people. Many of our clients have regular day jobs, but still are coming up with amazing new ideas that generate the most beautiful and creative Apps. We decided to share with you two of our latest iPhone and Android Apps we have just recently uploaded.

Premier League Predictor Android Application

This is currently supporting Android devices and soon a fully interactive website is to follow.
This App gives you the option to select future scores for the premier league games, and the nice thing is that you get to see the “crowd’s” prediction as well, which gives you a better picture of what the public thinks the scores will be.



This is the link for the App


Premier League Predictor website 

This is also a matching website that corresponds with this App

You can check your very own <a href=””>prediction table</a>, The current table,<a href=””>Top 20 users</a>,

The beauty of this app is that it also lets you see what the others thought the results were going to be, we call it <a href=””>”Feel the Crowd”</a>. This as we all know, is a very valuable piece of information.

We believe these two are going to be a massive hit this coming summer, so make sure to tune in !



CT- APP iPhone App

A new way to chat with friends, family and business colleagues! Just slide and send.
Free Messaging app with a new concept of chatting. Not only text, photos,audio tracks and videos but also drawing! Draw a picture and send it to the world.


This is the link for the App

You can check out our portfolio page to see other interesting iPhone and Android Apps we developed.

iPhone App Development is still going stronger than Android App Development

As a mobile application development company, we get to see the trends as they happen. We get the calls and queries straight from the customers and we don’t need to wait for the technology mainstream media to tell us what the latest trend is.

With the strong market penetration of the Android Os’s and Phones, we were anticipating a growing demand for Android Application Development, a demand so big that it will surpass the iPhone Application Development demand. Although, we can see that many of our clients do own Android devices, the main demand for Apps Development is still for the iPhone platform.

We were surprised to see that despite the change in customers mobile purchase choices around the world, (for example, in Asia the use of Android is much higher than the use of iPhones) the demand for iPhone Application Development Companies, was still much higher than an Android Development companies.

When a client asked us to develop a Mobile Application, we were first asked whether we can develop an iPhone Application and then adapt it to the Android platform.


We decided to run a quick survey to get a better idea and ask our customers two questions:
1. What Os are you using?
2.Why do you choose to develop on this specific platform?

The answer to question number 1 was surprising about 55% were iPhone users and 45% were Androids. This of course couldn’t explain why there was such a demand for iPhone Application Development
The answer to question number 2 was even more surprising it was about Money! Our clients wanted to develop a mobile app they can monitise on. Which means an App they can sell and that users will download for actual money. They figured that since Android devices are much cheaper than iPhone devices, than the iPhone users will be willing to pay for the mobile applications we developed for them.
Simple but does make a lot of sense…

What is the hottest trend in Mobile Application Development?

As there are more and more iPhone and Android developers, there is obviously a bigger pool of talent out there to develop amazing things.
So what is the hottest trend at the moment? As an iPhone application development company ourselves, we can clearly say that the hottest demand and trend at the moment is developing an app to connect to another device. We have just had a request from a client for an app to operate and control their own factory machines. There are now in the market apps that operate tv’s, smoke detectors,washing machines. As an App Development Company we can clearly say that this is in fact a hot trend that we predict will go strong in 2014.

We can also see that whilst the market is still heavily dominated by the iPhone App Development and the Android App Development, we see that other OS’s are coming strongly into the market. We believe that OS’s such as FireFox and Ubuntu, will be more notified and get more market exposure.


Clients demand for apps this year has definitely exceeded the demand for Web Development, we can see that there is a clear shift towards Mobile Apps Development. People keep asking for Apps to help them run their work and daily chores, but more interestingly, their devices and machines.

What to check when you hire any iPhone Application Development Company

When you are coming to hire an iPhone Application Development Company, or an Android Application Development Company. You are probably a little bit hesitant. If you have a good financial back behind you, you can easily contact one of the biggest companies that operate globally and locally and have hundreds of developers. Although this doesn’t always guarantee quality or successful ending to your project, it eases the doubts about a company’s reputation and integrity. But what if you don’t have a bug budget, and all you have is a small money you are about to invest out of your own pocket?
This is where the smaller iPhone application Development Company or Android application development company come into the picture. Although some of them are quite reputable, there are cetainly some companies that you are better off not contacting at all. Some of these “companies” are nothing but an unqualified person claiming to be an experienced company sitting somewhere in the globe and about to waste your time and money.

So how do you minimise this risk?

These simple steps when you come to check the iPhone application development company or Android application development company’s should help you minimise the risk of working with companies for the first time.

  • Check that you are working with a registered company. The registration number should normally appears on the Contact page of the website.
  • Check the company’s portfolio. This is crucial! Check that the links that show on the Portfolio are active and working.
  • Check the Contact page, to see that the email and telephone number are valid. Give them a call! and also, check that there is an actual postal address on the website too.
  • Check the company’s social media activity Facebook,Twitter,Google+ pages , this should give you a good indication is this company is valid too. Check if the pages are active, if the company comments and updates their pages.
  • Google the company. Literally check their online reputation. If a company’s name appears on the first page in many occurrences and shows as an authority site this should give you a good indication that the company is valid.


You are welcome to check some of the latest apps we developed at iQDesk iPhone Application Development Company portfolio

Software and app developers, why are they such in need?

Have you ever wondered why there was such a demand in the recent decade for software developers especially ones who are experts in tailor made business software?
Many Apps and Web Application Development Companies are topping the charts of in demand businesses. If you check any iPhone application development company or Android application development company, you will see many of them suggesting that they are overloaded with projects. The world has already taken a turn towards new technology and there is no way back.

Read our blog here and check out one of the hottest in demand products that is highly sought after in the market of today.

reshape future

You are welcome to check some of the latest apps we developed at iQDesk iPhone Application Development Company portfolio

iPhone Syncing Tips from iQDesk iPhone Application Development Company

Ever worried that while syncing your iPhone with your computer that an interruption may occur? An interruption such as a phone call can disrupt your syncing process.

This is a real possibility and that’s why the best option while syncing your phone is to put the phone in Airplane Mode. This will temporarily sever connections rendering your iPhone unable to receive calls, texts, emails, upgrades, etc. Once complete, turn your connections back on and continue happily ever after.

You are welcome to check some of the latest apps we developed at iQDesk iPhone Application Development Company portfolio

Saving an Image in Safari Tip from iQDesk iPhone Application Development Company

Come across a picture in Safari that you can’t live without? Wondering how you can save this glorious picture to your iPhone?

Using your finger, press on the picture for a few seconds until you are presented with an option to Save Image. Simply save the picture and use it later as a background image or in an email to a friend.


You are welcome to check some of the latest apps we developed at iQDesk iPhone Application Development Company portfolio